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scenarios.east_coast_usa.intro_road_race.title Road Race Corrida de Estrada
scenarios.east_coast_usa.intro_road_race.description A race through the countryside on east coast of the United States. Uma corrida através da região rural na costa leste dos Estados Unidos.
scenarios.east_coast_usa.car_delivery.title Car Delivery Entrega de Carro
scenarios.east_coast_usa.car_delivery.description You've got an expensive sports car loaded up on your Gavril T75, take it to the new owner in the countryside. Tens um carro desportivo caro carregado no teu Gavril T75. Leva-o ao novo proprietário, na região rural.
scenarios.east_coast_usa.car_delivery.distance.msg You lost the car! Perdeste o carro!
scenarios.east_coast_usa.car_delivery.damage.msg You damaged your car Danificaste o teu carro
scenarios.east_coast_usa.dirt_hopper.title Dirt Hopper Hopper da Terra Batida
scenarios.east_coast_usa.dirt_hopper.description A short dirt time trial to introduce the Ibishu Hopper. Um curto contrarrelógio em terra batida para apresentar o Ibishu Hopper.
scenarios.gridmap.slalom.title Slalom Trial Prova de Slalom
scenarios.gridmap.slalom.description Weave back and forth between the blocks in an Ibishu Covet. Keep the speed steady and manage the cars balance with steering and throttle. Serpenteia por entre os blocos num Ibishu Covet. Mantém a velocidade estável e gere o equilíbrio do carro com a direção e o acelerador.
scenarios.gridmap.corridor.title Corridor Corredor
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