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scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_lanechange.defaultWin Well done! The Civetta Bolide can be a tricky car for beginners.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_lanechange.timeLimit.msg You're supposed to be driving at highway speeds, aren't you?
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_lanechange.nomove.msg I see a cone knocked over... that means you went outside the track!
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_lanechange.damage.msg Our insurance isn't going to be happy about this.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_cornerspeedB.title Training 5: Corner Speeds
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_cornerspeedB.description You can't take just any corner at any speed: stick to the speed limits on the signs to guarantee your success.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_cornerspeedB.defaultWin Good job! I see you've grasped the concept of managing speed while cornering.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_cornerspeedB.timeLimit.msg Looks like you're driving a lot slower than what your car is capable of.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_cornerspeedB.nomove.msg You hit a cone. Try to stay inside the rumble strips.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_cornerspeedB.damage.msg Cars tend to corner worse after they've been smashed against walls.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_easycircuit.title Training 6: Easy Circuit


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