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scenarios.east_coast_usa.jump_course_a.title East Coast Jump Course Pista de Saltos, Costa Leste
scenarios.east_coast_usa.jump_course_a.description Drive the Bruckell Moonhawk in a time trial... with jumps! Try to get a fast time, but avoid destroying the car completely. Conduz o Bruckell Moonhawk num contrarrelógio... com saltos! Tenta obter um tempo rápido, mas evita destruir o carro por completo.
scenarios.east_coast_usa.car_delivery_2.title Car Delivery 2 Entrega de Carro 2
scenarios.east_coast_usa.car_delivery_2.description Use your Gavril T75 to deliver a valuable classic supercar to a house in the town. Whatever you do, don't damage the car. Usa o teu Gavril T75 para entregares um valioso supercarro clássico numa casa que fica na cidade. Faças o que fizeres, não danifiques o carro.
scenarios.east_coast_usa.car_delivery_2.distance.msg You lost the car! Perdeste o carro!
scenarios.east_coast_usa.car_delivery_2.damage.msg You damaged your car Danificaste o teu carro
scenarios.east_coast_usa.east_coast_chase_1.title East Coast Chase 1 Perseguição 1, Costa Leste
scenarios.east_coast_usa.east_coast_chase_1.description A wanted suspect has been spotted driving near the sawmill in a black Gavril Barstow. Go catch him! Um suspeito procurado foi avistado a conduzir um Gavril Barstow preto perto da serração. Vai apanhá-lo!
scenarios.east_coast_usa.east_coast_chase_1.distance.msg The suspect got away O suspeito escapou
scenarios.east_coast_usa.east_coast_chase_1.damage.msg You crashed your car Bateste com o carro
scenarios.east_coast_usa.east_coast_chase_1.wayPointAction.msg Stop the suspect! Interceta o suspeito!
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