Key English German (Austria) Actions
ui.hints.removeRearSeats Make your vehicle faster by removing unnecessary weight such as the rear seats, using the Parts Selector [action=parts_selector].
ui.hints.tuning You can tweak tire pressure, alignment, and other settings in the "Tuning" menu [action=parts_selector].
ui.hints.customLicensePlate You can customize the license plate text in the Parts Selector [action=parts_selector]. Du kost den Text aufm Kennzeichn in da Teileauswahl [action=parts_selector] ohpassn.
ui.hints.driveAtNight You can drive at night by changing the settings in the "Environment" menu.
ui.hints.moonGravity You can simulate moon gravity in the "Environment" menu. Du kaunst Mond aunziehung im Umwöd Menü simulian
ui.hints.unlockExtraFunctionality Unlock extra functionality by enabling the 'Options' > 'User Interface' > 'Advanced Functions' checkbox.
ui.hints.playMultiseat Plug in several controllers and play with your friends at home, by opening any of the Multiseat scenarios.
ui.hints.increaseGroundClearance Increase the ride height of your off-road vehicle if you are having trouble crossing a river.
ui.hints.tiresBurstOnBumps Not all tires are designed for high speeds and loads. Some will burst when hitting bumps too fast.
ui.hints.blueSmokeIsPistonDamage If you see blue smoke coming out of the exhaust, oil is being burnt, indicating piston ring damage.
ui.hints.keepTheEngineUpright Operating an engine upside down causes oil starvation. Blue exhaust smoke will occur from oil submerging the cylinders, and the engine bearings could fail. Won da Motor vakehrt rum betriebm wird verursocht des Ölmongl. Blaua Obgasrach wird vaursocht vo Öh des in n Zylinderraum gelangt. Des kohs Motorloga beschädign.


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