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scenarios.jungle_rock_island.jri_moose.description A classic emergency lane change test, made to showcase a vehicle's handling stability. For this test you'll be using a Hirochi Sunburst RS
scenarios.jungle_rock_island.jri_moose.speed.msg Too slow, you didn't enter at 75km/h or higher
scenarios.jungle_rock_island.jri_moose.timeLimit.msg Too slow, you used more than {{timeLimit}} seconds to get to the checkpoint
scenarios.jungle_rock_island.jri_moose.damage.msg You damaged your car
scenarios.jungle_rock_island.intro_jri_hillclimb.title Hillclimb
scenarios.jungle_rock_island.intro_jri_hillclimb.description A hillclimb up the volcano on the island.
scenarios.jungle_rock_island.bus_safari.title Bus Safari
scenarios.jungle_rock_island.bus_safari.description Hello and welcome to our safari tour around jungle rock island! [br] I'm Claire, and I will guide you through this tour. Please take a seat - we are leaving shortly. [br][br] Hi! Could you please take the wheel? I'll be busy explaining things and pointing out animals. Don't worry, it's super easy. Take your time and just follow the waypoints. [br] Oh, and please don't drive us of a cliff.
scenarios.jungle_rock_island.bus_safari.success Nicely done! I think most people liked the tour. The cardboard animals even got some laughs! Need a summer job?
scenarios.jungle_rock_island.bus_safari.failed Ouch! How am I supposed to admire the animals when you are driving like this?
scenarios.port.port_container_race.title Port Container Trial


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