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scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_cornering2.5.nomove.msg Looks like you might be running wide on the turn. Take it slower if you need to.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_cornering2.5.damage.msg Staying off the grass would be a good start.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_tightroad.title Training 3: Tight Road Course
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_tightroad.description So you've mastered the art of turning left, but can you navigate a narrow road? Try to find the proper speed for those tight corners.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_tightroad.defaultWin Good job! I think it's time to make you drive a real car.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_tightroad.timeLimit.msg If you're going to travel that slow, I don't think a car is even necessary.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_tightroad.nomove.msg You hit a marker - I put them there to stop you cutting corners, you know.
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_tightroad.damage.msg The roads aren't a suggestion, buddy!
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_lanechange.title Training 4: Lane Changing Huấn Luyện 4: Chuyển Làn
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_lanechange.description Changing lanes at highway speeds requires a gentle hand on the steering wheel. Do you have what it takes to control an 80s supercar?
scenarios.driver_training.driver_training.training_lanechange.defaultWin Well done! The Civetta Bolide can be a tricky car for beginners.


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