Key English Vietnamese Drive
ui.trackBuilder.base.test Test
ui.mainmenu.telemetryConsent I consent to the collection of data about my play sessions by[br] BeamNG GmbH (click [url=]here[/url] for collected data types).
ui.mainmenu.onlineConsent Enable online features
ui.mainmenu.onlineFeatures.header Online Features
ui.mainmenu.onlineFeatures.featureTitle Enable Online features?
ui.mainmenu.onlineFeatures.featureDescription You can choose to enable or disable all online functions in This will affect:[br][list][*]In-game repository[*]Mod subscriptions[*]Achievements[*]Leaderboards[*]Chat features[*]Content sharing features[/list]
ui.mainmenu.privacyPolicyHint For details about data processing regarding online features and telemetry, please read our [url=]Privacy Policy[/url]
ui.mainmenu.telemetryOnlineHint Telemetry cannot be active without online features activated.
ui.mainmenu.telemetry.header Telemetry
ui.mainmenu.telemetry.featureDescription We would like to collect game session data such as the length of gameplay sessions, scenarios played, and whether you have certain gameplay features enabled, with the purpose of identifying areas for future game development and improvement of player experience. This data is sent to our servers, where it is anonymized and stored in a manner that does not allow the identification of individuals. We will not use this information for marketing or advertisement purposes. For the list of collected data types and your rights click [url=]here[/url].


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