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vehicle.beamstate.beamDeformed Beam {{id}} just deformed: {{id1name}} [{{id1}}] -> {{id2name}} [{{id2}}] El eje {{id}} se deformó: {{id1name}} [{{id1}}] -> {{id2name}} [{{id2}}]
vehicle.beamstate.tireDeflated {{wheelName | translate}} tire deflated Rueda {{wheelName | translate}} desinflada
vehicle.bullettime.changeFast {{speed}} times faster than realtime {{speed}} veces más rápido que en tiempo real
vehicle.bullettime.changeSlow {{slowmoTimes}} times slower than realtime {{slowmoTimes}} veces más lento que en tiempo real
vehicle.bullettime.realtime Realtime Tiempo real
vehicle.bullettime.slowmotion Slow motion activated Cámara lenta activada
vehicle.core.spawnError This is often caused by broken mods or corrupt core files. Please check in Safe Mode [url=][Click here for Safe Mode instructions][/url]If persists, perform a Clean Installation [url=][Click here Clean Install instructions][/url] Esto normalmente se debe a mods con errores o archivos corruptos. Intenta iniciar en modo seguro [url=][Click here for Safe Mode instructions][/url]Si el problema persiste, reinstala el juego desde cero [url=][Click here Clean Install instructions][/url]
vehicle.drivetrain.axleBroken {{axleName}} wheel axle broken Torno {{axleName}} roto
vehicle.drivetrain.cannotShiftAuto Cannot shift to mode '{{mode}}' with this gearbox No se puede cambiar al modo '{{mode}}' con esta caja de cambios
vehicle.drivetrain.cannotShiftSequential Currently using: '{{shifterModeName | translate }}' gearbox behavior (use [action=toggleShifterMode] to change) Usando la opción de caja de cambios: '{{shifterModeName | translate }}' (presiona [action=toggleShifterMode] para cambiarla)


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