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ui.faq.updatingGame.a You can find full instructions on this page [url=]Updating the game[/url]
ui.faq.installingMods.q How to download and install mods?
ui.faq.installingMods.a Mods are easy to use and can be installed in different ways [url=]How to install mods[/url]
ui.faq.listFAQ.q Where to ask questions?
ui.faq.listFAQ.a It is possible that your questions have been already answered in this page [url=]Frequently Asked Questions[/url] If not, feel free to ask at our forum!
ui.faq.troubleShooting.q Something is broken, how can I repair it?
ui.faq.troubleShooting.a The game comes with a tools to make troubleshooting problems easy [url=]Troubleshooting Tools[/url] If you need further help, do not hesitate to reach us!
ui.faq.steeringWheels.q How do I use my steering wheel?
ui.faq.steeringWheels.a Most steering wheels work as plug & play if you have the required software installed. [br] If you need further help, check our in-depth guide on this page [url=]Steering wheel setup[/url] Where can I follow the game's development? You can follow our progresses at through our Forum and Blog [br] You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Reddit[url=]Official Blog[/url]


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