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launchercpp.supporttool_btn_clearcache Clear cache
Having problems with textures? Try this then.
launchercpp.supporttool_btn_safemode Safe mode
Creates a temporary clean user folder.
launchercpp.supporttool_btn_cefnohw Disable UI hardware acceleration
Use this if you are having problems with the user interface.
launchercpp.supporttool_btn_renderdebug Enable render debug logs
Use this if you are having problems with crashes in render.
launchercpp.supporttool_btn_verifyhash Verify Integrity
Verify that all files are downloaded correctly.
launchercpp.supporttool_btn_do Support
Need help? Something not working? Let us help you :)
launchercpp.clearcache_msg_title Clear Cache
launchercpp.clearcache_msg_normal_txt This tool will delete all cached folders and move misplaced files from your Userfolder.

Clearing the cache may help with issues related to missing textures, materials, and similar.

The process can take a few minutes, depending on the size of your Userfolder.
launchercpp.clearcache_msg_deep_txt You are about to perform a Deep Cache cleaning!

Only mods and custom configurations will be preserved. Anything else will be moved into a backup folder.

This may help if you are experiencing issues with stock vehicles, levels, materials and similar content.

The process can take a few minutes, depending on the size of your Userfolder.

Do you want to proceed?
launchercpp.clearcache_btn_normal Standard cache cleaning
Use to clean up old files.
Preserves mods, settings and most custom files.
launchercpp.clearcache_btn_deep Deep cache cleaning
Use for problem with levels, vehicles and textures.
Preserves mods and settings.


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