Key English German (Austria) Actions
ui.hints.changeBrakePads If you experience brake fade, you can fit better brake pads in the Parts Selector [action=parts_selector].
ui.hints.useTurnSignals Did you know most vehicles have working turn signals? This is also true in! Use [action=toggle_left_signal] and [action=toggle_right_signal] to activate them.
ui.hints.showCustomVehicles To show your own custom car configurations in the vehicle selector, enable Options > User Interface > Show Custom Vehicles.
ui.hints.tweakFOV The camera field of view can be tweaked in Options > Gameplay > FOV Tune.
ui.hints.driveWithMouse You can drive using your mouse too. Just go to the Controls menu and assign new bindings to your taste.
ui.hints.liftOffOversteer Suddenly lifting the throttle in a high speed corner can unsettle the vehicle and lead to a loss of control. This is called "lift-off" oversteer.
ui.hints.snapOversteer Cars with more weight on the rear wheels can have a tendency to initially understeer with throttle application, and then oversteer suddenly. This is called "snap" oversteer. Autos mit mear Gwicht af da Hintachs hobn de Tendänz bam Gas gebn zearst zu untasteian und daun zu übasteian.
ui.hints.slideBackWithParkingBrake You can slide the back of nose-heavy front-wheel drive vehicles easily with the parking brake, especially on loose surfaces.
ui.hints.customizeSpecializedBindings You can customize vehicle-specific bindings (used in car crusher, cannon, etc) by clicking them on the top-right corner of the screen.
ui.hints.toggleFogLights If your vehicle is equipped with fog lights, you can toggle them using [action=toggle_foglights].
ui.hints.toggleLightBars Light bars in emergency vehicles can be toggled with [action=toggle_lightbar_signal].
Key English German (Austria) Actions
ui.hints.grabVehicleParts You can grab parts of the vehicle by holding [action=nodegrabberRender] and then dragging with your mouse.
ui.hints.importveFramerate To improve your framerate, check the tips listed under Help > Performance > Basic Performance Improvements
ui.hints.increaseGroundClearance Increase the ride height of your off-road vehicle if you are having trouble crossing a river.
ui.hints.installRollCage You can install roll cages in some vehicles: not only is it safer, but it improves chassis stiffness and car handling (use [action=parts_selector]).
ui.hints.keepTheEngineUpright Operating an engine upside down causes oil starvation. Blue exhaust smoke will occur from oil submerging the cylinders, and the engine bearings could fail. Won da Motor vakehrt rum betriebm wird verursocht des Ölmongl. Blaua Obgasrach wird vaursocht vo Öh des in n Zylinderraum gelangt. Des kohs Motorloga beschädign.
ui.hints.liftOffOversteer Suddenly lifting the throttle in a high speed corner can unsettle the vehicle and lead to a loss of control. This is called "lift-off" oversteer.
ui.hints.moonGravity You can simulate moon gravity in the "Environment" menu. Du kaunst Mond aunziehung im Umwöd Menü simulian
ui.hints.notAllCarsCanRace Many vehicles are not suited for spirited driving or racing in stock form. Aftermarket upgrades are available in the Parts Selector [action=parts_selector]. Vü Foahzeige oagnen si im Auslieferungszuastond nit für tempramentvois Foahn oder Rennen. Nochrüstteile sand in da Teileauswoi [action=parts_selector] vafügboar.
ui.hints.oldCarsBurn Some old cars are prone to catching fire after a crash, but modern cars are much safer.
ui.hints.parkingbrakeForTurning Use the parking brake [action=parkingbrake] as a quick and dangerous way to turn around.


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