Key English German (Austria) Actions
engine.welcome Welcome to in US English :) Servus zu in Österreichisch:)
engine.lua.reloaded Main LUA instance reloaded
engine.cef.subprocessdied.title Unresponsive UI Process Ned reagirente Benutzaobaflächn
engine.cef.subprocessdied.msg The UI Process failed to respond in time.
This can happen if an Antivirus blocks the application.

You can eventually get more help there:

Do you want to open that address in your browser now?
Da UI-Prozess hod si ned rechtzeitig griat.
Des ko passiern, wenn a Antivirnprogramm de owendung blockiirt.

Do koonst noch Hüfe frogn :

Wüst des Spusi jetzt in dein Brausa afmochn ?
engine.resourceMissing Failed to create resource (is the file missing?): Fögschlogn folgendä Räsurcn zu genariern (föt di Datei?):
engine.engineFail Failed to initialize game, shutting down. Initialisierung fögschlogn. Wird zuagmocht.
engine.msgboxErrorTitle Error Föhla
engine.invalidUserpath.title Invalid user path Ungütiga Benutzapfad
engine.invalidUserpath.msg cannot access UserPath defined in startup.ini (game folder). Change for a valid path: ko ned afn Benutzapfad zugreifn, der in stratup.ini (Spüordna) definiert is. Des muast in an gültign Pfad ändan:
engine.windowedModeReq.title Windowed Mode Required Fenstamodus afordalich
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