Key English
engine.cef.subprocessdied.msg The UI Process failed to respond in time.
This can happen if an Antivirus blocks the application.

You can eventually get more help there:

Do you want to open that address in your browser now?
engine.fatalError.errMsg FATAL ERROR:
engine.fatalError.experienced has experienced a fatal error. Clicking on OK will close BeamNG and create a crashreport. Please send the report so we can resolve this problem.
engine.fatalError.experienced2 has experienced a fatal error. Open Level... Export To COLLADA... Editor Settings... Snap Options... Game Options... Add Bookmark... Manage Bookmarks... Lighting
scenario.customExtensionLoadFailed Custom logic not running. Check log for warnings with {{extName}} Careful! Your car is {{damage}}% damaged
extensions.campaign.exploration.mapHint Press [action=toggle_minimap] to show the map with available missions
ui.startscreen.warningdetails This game may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Player discretion is advised.
ui.modWizard.skinWizard.intro Welcome to the skin creation wizard. The following steps will give you an overview on how to make a skin for any of the official BeamNG.Drive vehicles.
ui.modWizard.skinWizard.filesGenerated Skin files have been generated.
ui.trackBuilder.saveLoad.modSaved Successfully packed track and preview to mod file
ui.trackBuilder.saveLoad.trackLoaded Loaded track